Lokko wins a top spot

Top 10 physio websites

It’s a time to celebrate here at Lokko with lokko.physio sitting proud within the top 10 physio websites for 2018!

Featured on registry.physio and ranked at an impressive number 5 for physio websites, lokko.physio was praised for associating the .physio with a new and powerful brand identity. lokko.physio was also commended, for reaching greater audiences within the .physio domain and the quality of production and service.

Lokko.physio is proud to join other physio websites and excited to see how 2019 can assist physiotherapists to travel and work with freedom and for practice owners to find practitioners all via lokko.physio app.

Here’s what you need to know

See the full list here registry.physio Top 10 for 2018 

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Top 10 .physio website award winner